When it came to the Deildegast Bars, Ethic really wanted to go beyond what they had been doing in the past. The Deildegast is a wide, flexible, solid, and comfortable designed bar with optimal geometry. For the first time in the scooter, industry Ethic is using multi-butted along with heat-treated steel to get a lighter and more resistant bar. This specific model comes 23.6" wide by 28.4" tall, compatible with a pre-installed slit!


includes SCS adapter

Ethic Deildegast Bar - Black Chrome

  • Tech Specs

    Weight - 2.2 lbs (1000g)

    Material - Steel 4130

    Bar Height

    24,4 in (620mm)
    26,4 in (670mm)
    28,4 in (720mm)

    Bar Width

    23,6 in (600mm)

    Diameter - 31,8mm

    Oversized - No

    Butted -Yes

    Backsweep -Yes

    Slit -Yes

    Compression Type - ICS (includes SCS adapter)

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