Advanced Rider Deck


5.5 inches wide


8mm axle and conversion spacers included


Stronger, wider and longer than ever! Ethic has released the third version of the original Lindworm deck. Totally re-worked for 2018, the Lindworm V3 is the best it's ever been. With all this extra deck, Ethic has still managed to keep the weight down to only 4.2lbs. The end result is a deck that is perfect for every street or park rider. This one comes straight out of the box 5.5" inches wide, and 22" or 23" long. Another thing is this deck comes 12 STD compatible but comes with conversion spacers for a normal axle and 24mm wheels. This deck is a masterpiece and if you're missing out by not copping one.


This deck is 12 STD. If you intend to use the included conversion spacers for 8mm axles, you will need to purchase an axle separately. 


Weight: 1.83kg/ 560mm or 1.90kg/ 590mm


W Ethic Lindworm V3 Boxed - Black

  • Tech Specs

    • Weight -1.84kg
    • Deck Length - 560mm, 590mm
    • Deck Width - 140mm
    • Angle 83,5°
    • 12 STD Compatible -Yes
    • End Deck Type - Boxed
    • Material - Aluminium 6061
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