Intermediate Deck


5.1 inch wide


8mm axle and conversion spacers included





Ethic made improvements on the way boxed decks were made, with the new AED shape for smoother grinds and icepik.

The deck is also smaller than the iconoclast.

The 12std evolution is now accessible for more riders.

2 sizes available: 530mm (1.52kg) and 560mm (1.59kg)

Transition spacer included.

W Ethic Vulcain Boxed Deck - Black

Size: 530mm
  • Tech Specs

    Weight - 1.52kg

    Deck Length - 530mm, 560mm

    Deck Width - 5.1inch (130mm)

    Angle - 83°

    12 STD Compatible

    End Deck Type - Boxed

    Material - Aluminium 6061

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