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Ethic DTC Warranty

 Exchanges procedures :


If a part qualifies for replacement, contact the shop where the parts have been purchased.

- Return the piece to their address

- Provide the receipt of purchase  for the part in question

- Complete the form below

- Uploads pics of the part that is broken

After validation a new replacement part will be shipped if it is available.

In the event that the part is not immediately available, an equivalent part can be exchanged or a replenishment date will be given, after which the part will be replaced.

Ethic DTC Warranty Returns Form

Upload Part Pic
Upload Receipt

Thanks for submitting, we will get back to you soon.

What will be covered and timeframe from purchase


Ethic DTC products are designed for freestyle riding and their durability will depend on the rider’s use. Each rider has to choose a product which is adapted to their need, height, level and style : light and accurate for advanced riders, heavier and more stable for beginners.

It is important to point out that generally high-end parts have a development focused on reactivity, weight and feeling. They are therefore theoretically less resistant than entry-level parts, and are to be avoided for beginners.


All Ethic DTC products are warranted against manufacturing defects which can result in material resistance before use: functional geometry, welds.

Are not taken care of any aesthetic defect: paint, water decal, anodizing.


List of parts for which there is no guarantee after the first use, indeed are parts of limited life time, and it is natural to replace them with the time :

  • Clamps

  • Headsets

  • Pegs

  • Bearings

  • Griptape

  • Grips

  • Brakes

  • Axles

  • Tools

List of parts for which there is a guarantee following the first use:




The wheels are guaranteed 1 month after the date of purchase, are concerned:

- Crack of the core

- Core deformation

- Removal of the rubber which makes it impossible to use


Are not concerned:

- Superficial deterioration of the PU, which does not impair the rollability of the wheel.




The forks are guaranteed 3 months after the date of purchase, are concerned:

- Deformation of the tube

- Crack on the lower part

- Error on the thread of the compression cap


Are not concerned:

- Breakage of the compression cap (indeed they are available as spare parts on shops)

 Bars :


The handlebars are guaranteed 3 months after the date of purchase, are concerned:

- Crack at the slot

- Handlebar break

- Sufficient deformation of the handlebar which makes it impossible to use


Are not concerned:

- Crack on the upper part of the handlebar, some cracks are superficial and stabilize with time, so the handlebars must be either twisted or broken for the guarantee to be effective.


 Decks :


The decks are guaranteed 1 month on the banana effect of the deck, and 3 months on the breakage or cracks depending on the area concerned.

The banana effect concerns the extrusion of the deck (part where one places his feet), this area is stable in production and therefore rarely reached by a potential manufacturing defect. If the deck is deformed, it is logical that the deck is undersized for the rider in question. It is strongly advised to choose a different model later, or the same problem will happen again.


Area covered by the warranty on cracks (cracks that will cause a breakage of the deck in the short term thereafter):

- Any cracks on the front part of the deck (forged or welded part), in the case of an unforged deck (erawan / artefact ...) the guarantee is only effective on the weld that link the neck to the headtube.

Ethic DTC

Areas that are not covered by the guarantee, it is possible that with the stress of the material cracks arrive, but they are generally benign, and do not influence the resistance deck. The part will be taken care of only when the Deck will be "broken" and therefore not ridable:

It is important to remember that each deck has a given resistance for precise use, and that it is not because the deck is high-end that it is more resistant.

On the contrary it is developed to be the most light / reactive / pleasant to rider possible.

The high-end parts are made for experienced riders who master their receptions and who ride clean.

Complete Scooter :


On a complete scooter, each piece is subject to the warranty rules specific to the type of parts concerned.

Only the part concerned will be replaced and not the whole on the scooter.

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