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Where can I ride a Snowscoot in New Zealand?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

For a couple of years now we've been the supplier of Eretic Snowscoots here in New Zealand.

Customers are always asking us if I buy one where can I ride them, will the skifield allow me to ride this on their slopes and use the chairlifts, pomas and t-bars.

So we've summarised below the places where we know today that these have been used or are approved by New Zealand skifields.

We do know that we've not had a skifield say no to snowscoots yet.

You may get funny looks and alot of people asking about the snowscoots but you shouldn't have issues riding them at your favourite skifields, but make sure you follow the skifields safety rules and always wear your leash that's provided with the snowscoot.

To date we've had tremendous support from RAL/ Mt Ruapehu who from the very beginning have been supportive of our snowscoots. They are always looking for the next best thing and see the value of having different snowsports being made to a wider range of people visiting their slopes.

Happy Valley - Whakapapa

Our snowscoots are approved across both Whakapapa and Turoa skifields which includes all slopes and chairlifts.

Demos have been approved which barring another lockdown we hope to be back at Mt Ruapehu this 2022 season for you to try them out.

Porters Skifield have had Eretic snowscoots being used on their slopes for the last 3 seasons and to date we've had no issues or reports of not being able to use them.

Porters Skifield


One of our sponsored riders Jack Macdonald is there every season cutting the slopes and becoming more and more a pro each season. Porters members have given great feedback on how the skifield has accepted our snowscoots and we thank them for that.

Roundhill Skifield: We have personally been to Roundhill and talked to their team, they have no issues with the snowscoots being used on their slopes and we're very positive and accepting of them.

Cardrona have for many years been supportive of alternative snowsports. Out of all the Queenstown skifields Cardrona by far is the easiest to ride snowscoots without issues. Fernbikes have been a pioneer of ski bikes here in New Zealand for some years and they regularly hold demos at Cardrona each season which shows they are supportive of alternative snowsports.

We've approached Cardrona about snowscoots and verbally its never been an issue, although we don't have any official approval or arrangement with them like we do with Mt Ruapehu.

Again they have asked that you wear the leash provided.

Mt Hutt like Cardrona are very open to alternative snow sports and to date we have not had any issues with snowscoots at Mt Hutt.

Remarkables, Treble Cone and Coronet Peak we have not had any feedback on riders using these slopes or that they're not allowed to use snowscoots at theses skifields.

The smaller skifields throughout the South Island we've not had feedback on to date.

Snow Planet which is the indoor skifield in Auckland have mixed reactions to snowscoots being used at their facility. They do allow them but typically only in the quiet times. Always best to call ahead!!

We're seeing now that snowscoots and snowbikes becoming more popular across Europe, Japan and the USA than ever before.

Skifields are starting to see the benefits of snowscoots as these attract new and different types of customers to the slopes.

Given how easy snowscoots are to learn and ride we're seeing alot more families and older riders who may not have been interested in snow sports before get out on the slopes and enjoy the snow for the first time and that for us is what we're trying to achieve here in New Zealand.

Making snowsports more accessible for all ages and abilities!!

Happy Riding


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