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Keep your progression on pro scooters going with a "winter-version", the Eretic Snowscoot

With a build very similar to a regular scooter you can just as easily throw barspins, whips and many other tricks, only in the snow instead.


The Eretic Powder is the snowscooter specially made for enjoying freeride


It comes with a leash that attaches to the bar - So it won't continue down the mountain if you fall of.


Wide Powder skis and a fixed fork

  • Rider developed parts combine to give you tons of fun, in the deep and powdery snow
  • You get a lightweight snow scooter that will stand up to conditions
  • Even if you have thick boots on, the steel pins in the deck will keep on gripping tight
  • Wider, longer skis and slightly heavier than the slope version



Eretic Snow Scooter - Powder

  • Deck Length: 22.8" 
  • Deck Width: 5.5"
  • Headtube Angle: 81 Degrees
  • Deck Material: Aluminium 6061, T6 heat-treatment
  • Front Ski Length: 430mm
  • Front Ski Width: 190mm
  • Front Ski Radius: 20mm
  • Back Ski Length: 647mm
  • Back Ski Width: 190mm
  • Back Ski Radius: 20mm
  • Ski Material: Poplar - Fiberglass
  • Bar Material: CrMo 4130
  • Bar Height: 720mm
  • Bar Width: 620mm
  • Bar Outer Diameter: 34.9mm
  • Bar Inner Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Leash: Supplied, attaches to bar
  • Compression: HIC
  • Backsweep: Yes<
  • Grips: Torx Lock Grip System
  • Weight: 5.63kg
  • Total Height: 950mm
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