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Radical choice of the brand, this Legion 12 STD V2 not only replaces and surpasses the Legion V1, but also the Nemesis fork.
Indeed this new version "V2" and now in 7075-T6 aluminum (74% more resistant than the 6061), it is therefore much more resistant on the tube than the Legion V1, but also more resistant on the lower part than the Nemesis.

It is also compatible with the BPM (balance point modulation) system, innovations which have not yet been unveiled, but will be within 2023/24

Ethic DTC Legion v2 12std Fork - HIC - Black


Weight (g)  328

Material  Alu 7075

12 STD Compatible  Yes

Compression Type HIC

Wheel Diameter 100 - 125 mm

Wheel Width  24 mm, 30 mm

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